March 26, 2023

The Nice is in stock and ready to ship today!

The Platinum #3776 Nice is in stock and ready to ship. The beautiful rose gold trim and diamond cut body paired with the craftsmanship of Platinum Pens, makes The Nice the perfect addition to any pen collection. Do not miss this limited edition fountain pen.   Only the first 2000 will be engraved with a serial number. Hurry, place your orders today.  Quantities are limited. Product Code … [Read more...]

Izumo #30 Biwatame

Izumo Biwatame This beautiful treasure from Platinum Pens Izumo collection is now available in Brown. ■URUSHI/TAMENURI The history of Urusi lacquer goes back to the Stone Age. The timeless art of Urushi has for centuries brought to life the intricate depth of Japanese history and culture. ‘NURI(Urushi coating) has many coating techniques. Tamenuri (Urushi lacquer) has many process. All … [Read more...]

Izumo Yagumonuri

Izumo Yagumonuri Limited sale of the Yagumonuri fountain pen, the third release in the “Izumo brand,” a fountain pen created by craftsmen through careful study of the materials and advanced technique. A sacred ritual known as Dai-Sengu to restore the roof of the main hall in Izumo Taisha (“Izumo Grand Shrine”) will be conducted for the first time in 60 years in May 2013.Restoring the main … [Read more...]

Platinum Pens The Nice’

  THE NICE  #3776 Century by Platinum Pen The Nice is as exquisite as the French resort in the South of France that it represents. Platinum Pen has created the ultimate in writing elegance. The Nice is a master piece of almost a century of technological ingenuity with the innovative"slip and seal" mechanism, the newly redesigned nib and feed accompanied by the sleek … [Read more...]

King Of Tigers

King Of Tigers Each King of Tigers pen is infused with incredible craftsmanship. The tiger, walking freely through the bamboo forest, is drawn on the center of the pen using traditional and elaborate techniques that involve charcoal powder (Sumiko). The images are coated with several layers of powder to give them a 3D effect. as well as a deep rich feel. The eyes, mouth, and stripes of the … [Read more...]

Century Chartres Blue

  #3776 CENTURY CHARTRES BLUEThe Chartre cathedral is the world heritage in France. It is said that stained glass in this cathedral are the most beautiful in the world and these glass still remain so that very rare. A technology of glass proceed rapidly and getting brighter and brighter, on the other hand, a deep colors in the Chartre Cathedral is not many and … [Read more...]

#3776 SHOJI CENTURY MODEL Special Transparent Fountain Pen (Limited Edition) (Safe for use with Platinum Pigment & Carbon Inks)

A story of #3776 "SHOJI" It is said "shoji-ko (Lake-Shoji)" is the most beautiful reflected lake of Mount Fuji in the Fuji Five Lakes. We decided that the image of body should be the color of the atmosphere of the lakes when being illuminated by the morning sun. The scene with the bright, light color of blue on the edge of the transparent body, lights up the imagination with the light that is … [Read more...]

All New Bourgogne 3776 Century NOW SHIPPING (Safe for use with Platinum Pigment & Carbon Inks)

The innovative cap contains a unique “Slip & Seal” mechanism that prevents ink from drying out in the pen. Meanwhile, a newly redesigned nib and feed regulate the ink flow. Founded in 1919, Platinum Pens is now nearing a full century of achievement. The #3776 “Century” celebrates this approaching anniversary and continues Platinum Pens’ tradition of technological innovation. With Platinum … [Read more...]

Fountain Pen Ink Cleaning Kit

ICL-1200, MSRP, $20.00 CONTENTS 5 Packs Ink Cleaner Concentrate (10ml each) 1 Dropper ( Polyethylene) *Dropper is exclusively for Platinum Fountain Pen HOW TO USE - Things you will need Glass (lukewarm water 180-200ml) Soft cloth … [Read more...]

Fountain Pen Ink Cleaning Kit (European Cartridge)

ICL-1200E for European cartridge type. MSRP, $20.00 CONTENTS 5 Packs Ink Cleaner Concentrate (10ml each) 1 Dropper ( Polyethylene) *Dropper is for European cartridge type fountain pen HOW TO USE - Things you will need Glass (lukewarm water 180-200ml) Soft cloth … [Read more...]

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