May 31, 2023

Izumo #30 Biwatame

Izumo Biwatame

platinum PIZ-55000-30_500

This beautiful treasure from Platinum Pens Izumo collection is now available in Brown.


The history of Urusi lacquer goes back to the Stone Age.
The timeless art of Urushi has for centuries brought to life the intricate depth of Japanese history and culture.

‘NURI(Urushi coating) has many coating techniques.
Tamenuri (Urushi lacquer) has many process. All process have been performed by traditional experienced craftsman.
A vivid beautiful urushi lacquer finish will be increased in beauty over time, you can be proud of Urushi lacquer fountain pen.

The URUSHI fountain pen will outlast an original owner by many generations and passed on for each succeeding generation to enjoy this beautiful treasure.

Fine(F), Medium(M), Broad(B)
For Nib point size Sample, please access here
164mm(full length) ×18.0mm(max. diameter)
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