October 4, 2023

King Of Tigers

King Of TigersPNB-80000T_2_500PNB-80000T_package_300
Each King of Tigers pen is infused with incredible craftsmanship. The tiger, walking freely through the bamboo forest, is drawn on the center of the pen using traditional and elaborate techniques that involve charcoal powder (Sumiko). The images are coated with several layers of powder to give them a 3D effect. as well as a deep rich feel. The eyes, mouth, and stripes of the tiger are drawn in beautiful black lacquer (Kuro Roiro Urushi), which heightens the contrast of the vivid and impressive image. Each pen is marked with a signature and serial number written in black PNB-80000T_4_250lacquer. The King of Tigers is a luxury writing instrument that will be passed down for generations

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