September 17, 2019

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The New and Innovative Now available! For an authorized dealer near you email Bryce at!  To become an authorized dealer or to place an order you can email Bryce at    For more information go to the "Luxury Writing" "Standard" Fountain pen … [Read More...]

Now Available!

 The beautiful Kumpoo  by Platinum Pen is now available at your favorite authorized dealer.  For more information on this pen go to the Century #3776 page. Remember to buy from only our authorized dealers. If you need any information regarding our amazing US authorized dealers please do not … [Read More...]

The Izumo Bamboo Weave

For more information on the beautiful and expertly crafted Izumo Bamboo Weave Yokoajiro and the Gozame see the Izumo page. … [Read More...]

The Nice Lilas has Arrived

INTRODUCING THE NEW  LIMITED EDITION #3776 CENTURY NICE LILAS  The beautifully crafted Nice Lilas has a 14kt. Pink Gold nib and trim and comes in fine, medium, and broad.  … [Read More...]


PLATINUM PEN PRESENTS THE  NOVA ORANGE PLAISIR With the recent heightening interest in fountain pens, we have been inspired to produce a special Plaisir pen that will attract more customers. We are adding “Nova Orange” as the 11th color to the current ten colors available. The word “Nova” means … [Read More...]

The Izumo Byakudan

  Introducing the Yakumonuri  Yakumo Byakudan The second in the series. Platinum Pen Co., Ltd (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Toshiya Nakata) has launched the  Yakumonuri fountain pen, “Yakumo Byakudan,” using the painting of the ceiling of the Izumo Shrine as a motif, adding to … [Read More...]

Platinum Pen Preppy was rated #1!

We are happy to share this wonderful article regarding the "Best Fountain Pens Under $10.00".  We were happy to see our Platinum Preppy topping the charts at #1. click the link to read more   … [Read More...]

New Lake Series

The stunning new lake series #3776 Century, Yamanaka, is here.   THE STORY OF  #3776 CENTURY “YAMANAKA” Lake Yamanaka, located near Mount Fuji, is the highest of the Fuji Five Lakes in terms of elevation with an altitude of 1,000 meters. Surrounded by gently sloping mountains, the sunbath … [Read More...]

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